Bach Flower Level 1 2021

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Fee: $495 (Certificate issued by the Bach Centre)

Two- day course + tutorial

Bach Flower Level 1 2021


Joanne Thia

Prior to becoming a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Bach Centre-Certified Trainer, Joanne was working as an
Assistant Director in the public sector.
With a master degree in Information Studies, a degree in Computer Science and a professional certificate in Project
Management Professional, she was an accomplished project manager for several years in the public and social service
sectors before becoming an Assistant Director.
However, throughout her career life in the public and social service sectors, she felt there was something else she wanted
to pursue. Yet, she could not be sure of the direction then.
She started searching for the happy formula to life and chanced upon Bach Flower Remedies which not only answers her
life calling but also tremendously helps in her self-healing journey to grow as a person.
Being so grateful with how healing with Bach Flower Remedies had given her a second chance in life, it becomes her
inspiration and passion to help everyone else achieves a more fulfilling and happier life too. So, she left the corporate
world and became a full-time Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Trainer.
Joanne is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Japan Pastel Hope and Art Association Advanced Instructor, teaching
students through these alternative healing and therapeutic modalities, on reconnecting with the inner peace within us.
Besides humans, Joanne feels that animals also deserve a quality life. Thus, she extends
her healing work to the animals and provides animal communication training to pet owners so that they can better
understand the inner world of their pets and have a closer relationship and bond with them.
Joanne strongly believes in the empowerment of self-healing and the importance of ho

About the course

Human emotions and personalities

All the 38 Bach Flower Remedies
How to select and use the remedies to heal yourself and your loved ones, as
well as animals and plants.
Basics such as how and when to take the remedies- History of Dr. Edward
Bach and his philosophy of healing.
Bring home a personalized remedy bottle

During the two-days course, you will learn about:
Language: English (Trainers and students can express in Mandarin )

Class size: 6-12 students

Trainer: Joanne Thia (BFRP, Bach Centre Certified Trainer)
Tutorial: Anwen Kwan (BFRP) / Karen Ter(BFRP)

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