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VTCT (iTEC) UK Level 3 Certificate in Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapists 

Free Course Preview Agenda:

•Introduction of Principal and lecturer

•Benefits of Diet Nutrition course

•Potential Career Opportunities

•Course Structure

•Worldwide recognition of
​VTCT ITEC(UK) Level 3
Certificate in Diet Nutrition Course

•Course Schedule

•Course Fee and SkillsFuture credit


Course Length:

8 months (Twice /week, part time)

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Diet and Nutrition Chinese

Xiang Yun's Journey to Better Health and Nutrition Advocacy

Xiang Yun, a renowned Singaporean actress and host, has appeared on numerous health programs over the years. Like many, she once held misconceptions about healthy eating. However, the COVID-19 pandemic presented her with an opportunity to enroll in the UK ITEC Diet and Nutrition course offered by ICHH Academy. Through this course, she learned that healthy eating extends beyond choosing the right ingredients to embracing a holistic lifestyle.

Xiang Yun strongly believes in the principle, "Prevention is better than cure," and views making the right food choices as the best preventive measure. She is passionate about empowering families with nutrition knowledge, believing that every family should have a nutrition expert.

To make nutrition education more accessible, ICHH Academy is now offering its Diet and Nutrition course in Mandarin. This course, featuring workshops, healthy cooking skills, and case studies, provides students with a comprehensive understanding of nutrition and practical applications of theoretical knowledge.

If you're inspired by Xiang Yun and want to learn more about nutrition, now is the time to take action. Register for the information session through the link below and embark on a journey to better health with Xiang Yun.

Join Xiang Yun on her journey to better health!

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