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Integrated Iridology Level 1 -
Complete Foundation

  • Know our health through our eyes. Opportunities to prevent health problem and maintain wellness.

  • The study of iris, sclera and pupil and their relationship to individual health dispositions.

  • Assess variations of colour and fibre structure, help determine underlying inherent weakness which may or may not be activated according to diet, environment and psycho-social factors.

  • Determine constitutional strength of physical body, personality and emotional patterns.

  • Non-invasive screening tool  

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​Course Date:

5th Nov 2022, 12th Nov 2022, 19th Nov 2022

(3 Saturdays) 


Toni Miller, Toni Miller ND DHM MII CCII Fellow IIPA Board Member

  • Australia’s leading Iridology researcher and teacher

  • Awarded commemorative plaque for dedication 30 years contribution to Iridology

  • Iridologist of the year and Iridology Instructor of the year in 2014.

  • Author of the Integrated Iridology syllabus and Iridology books 

Level 1 Iridology - learning outcome 

  • Establish baseline to build advanced level training.

  • Confident to perform simple analysis on family, friends and own iris 

  • Apply student or associate IIPA membership.

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Testimonials from Student: 

1) The course is insightful. Ms Toni is a very good teacher who is patient with questions, even when there were repeated ones. I find Iridology rather fascinating, and am interested to know more about the emotional links as well. 

2) Toni was very patient in answering all our questions. It was an eye- opening experience for me, to learn about myself as well as my family’s genetic traits which goes as far back to three generations. It is certainly new knowledge to us, and a great topic for bonding. It helps me and my family members to understand our background, as well as  things to prevent. I look forward to learn more in the next level - Lay Hong 

3) The course is conducted in a professional manner and in a pace that I can follow. Though the classes were conducted online, Ms Toni Miller is able to understand our queries and the areas that we were unable to follow, especially on the first day of the class (mainly because we are totally new to iridology then) and addressed them accordingly. From her classes and her sharing, Ms.Miller is indeed an iridology veteran. Other than the uploaded videos, I like the revision lesson on the 3rd day, which gave me better clarity Both Ms Miller and the school took our queries and feedback seriously as I can see these queries being addressed one by one, which allows me to take away a lot more from this course. I find that the various assessments were good tests on me as to how much I understand after each lesson. I have signed up for the advanced course.

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