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Welcome to
International College of Holistic Health

Registration No: 200712434N
Address: 716a Geylang Road Singapore 389629
PEI Manager: Patrick Chong Piang Teng / Anwen Kwan Soo Chin

INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH PTE LTD is one of the holistic health academy registered with Committee for Private Education.

Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) International Therapy Examination Council (iTEC) is an international examination board offering a variety of qualifications worldwide. It provides over 35 qualifications that are UK government accredited and are supported by industry and are easily transportable nationally and internationally. VTCT (iTEC) Qualifications in Diet & Nutrition is now available at INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH.


Patrick Chong (Principal)

•Bachelor of Science in Holistic Medicine, Da Vinci         

  College of Holistic Medicine

•ITEC(UK) Diploma in Diet & Nutrition, 2012 to 2013

•Post Grad. diploma in Detoxification and Toxicology (Distinction), Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, 2015

•Post Grad. diploma in Bach Flower Remedies (Distinction), Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, 2015

•Post Grad diploma in Energy Medicine and Bio-resonance, Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, ongoing

•Public Speaker, Seminar on Go Green & Impact of     

  Electromagnetic Radiation on Health 

Message from the Principal

INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH PTE LTD was established in 2007 with strong vision to promote holistic health and wellness. INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH is a Private Education Institution (PEI) – part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)。

INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH is committed to provide to our community with the most affordable wellness and holistic health training courses empowered by systematic learning, integrated learning experience. Fully supported by a pool of talented and dedicated lecturers, mentors and team assemble to pass on their extensive knowledge and experience that they have gathered over the years to the next generation of aspiring nutrition consultants. We will provide skills-oriented training to enable our graduates to acquire the skills and confidence which they require in entering the fast-growing wellness and holistic health industry. Graduates from INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH will be commissioned as wellness ambassadors to improve the quality of life to the community.

INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH strongly believes in our core values of Integrity, Passion, Inspiration and Compassion to ensure an environment conducive to student learning with direct application in demonstrations, group discussions and activities. INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH is fully committed to take every student on an inspiring journey of holistic health with us to attain better health for themselves, family members and others.

INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH is an VTCT (iTEC)-awarded Centre offering many of VTCT (iTEC) Courses. VTCT (iTEC) is a leading international therapy examination council, providing world-class qualifications in many areas. Our VTCT (iTEC) Courses include VTCT (iTEC) Level 3 Certificate in Diet and Nutrition for Complementary Therapists.

Do feel free to browse our website and call us today to make an appointment to speak with our course consultants!


- Principal, Patrick Chong


整合自然疗法国际学院成立于2007年,以推广整合健康与养生理念为强大的愿景。整合自然疗法国际学院是注册于私立教育管理机构(PEI)– 新加坡精深技能发展局(SSG)的一部分。

整合自然疗法国际学院致力于通过系统化的学习、综合学习体验,为社区提供最实惠的整合健康培训课程。在一群才华横溢、敬业的讲师、导师和团队的支持下,为下一代有抱负的营养顾问传授他们多年来所累积的广泛知识和经验。我们将提供健康领域所需的技能培训,使我们的毕业生获得进入快速增长的整合健康行业所需的技能和信心。 整合自然疗法国际学院的毕业生将受委托担任健康大使,以改善社区的生活质量。

整合自然疗法国际学院坚信我们的诚信、热忱、灵感和仁爱的核心价值观,确保在工作坊、小组讨论和活动中直接应用有利于学生学习的环境。 整合自然疗法国际学院充分致力于让每个学生踏上一个鼓舞人心的整体健康之旅,为自己、家人和其他人带来更好的健康。

整合自然疗法国际学院是一个由 VTCT(iTEC)获认证的中心,提供 VTCT(iTEC) 课程。VTCT(iTEC) 是一个领先的国际治疗考试委员会,在许多领域提供世界一流的资格。 我们的VTCT(iTEC) 课程包括 VTCT(iTEC) 第三级饮食与营养辅助食疗师证书。




- 院长, Patrick Chong

Image by Aswathy N
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