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Anwen Kwan

Course Editor, Trainer

Anwen is a Holistic Health Practitioner and a passionate lecturer in Natural Medicine who always directs her focus in educating individuals and family on various factors affecting one's health, including diet, nutrition, toxins, energy as well as mental and emotional elements. Identifying these factors are more important than treating the symptoms. Anwen has been helping many clients regain their health through a more holistic approach.

​Before this, Anwen was a medical professional in pharmaceutical research for 15 years. Her research experience includes the development of new drugs for life-threatening illnesses, including cancers and chronic conditions. During her research years, she saw that there was no complete cure for patients with life-threatening conditions, and the side effects of western medicine took a further toll on their health. Using her scientific training in western medicine, she diverted her focus on natural medicine, which she believes is a more effective way to prevent and arrest these conditions.

​​Over the last 10 years, Anwen attained various qualifications in Holistic Medicines, including Diet & Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Juicing Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, and many from various countries, including Cyprus, USA, U.K, and Taiwan. She is a frequent guest speaker at health talks for corporate events and public seminars.

Anwen is also a nutrition and culinary consultant of various F&B sectors. She has been leading some projects in the "menu make-over" at 8 nursing homes in Singapore, training their chefs and cooks. She is featured in many media channels in Singapore and Malaysia, including radio broadcast in Love 97.2 FM, and Mediacorp TV program Body SOS and What's in the Fridge, etc where she shared various topics on the importance of holistic health.

​​Anwen is the chief editor of the bespoke Diet & Nutrition course in International College of Holistic Health and providing holistic consultation at Sprouts Holistic Health Centre just below the college. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Natural Medicine.

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