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Jennifer Woolley



Children’s Mindfulness program developer and teacher
I personally designed a 4 week child and parent mindfulness program to help children ages
four to twelve understand and cope with strong emotions. I focused on providing everyday
tools that the children could use to help them with feelings of anger, stress, focus, and sadness.
The program was fun, engaging, and always provided valuable content for the parent and
activities for the children.
• Designed and executed activities to encourage understanding and practice of tools.
• Designed and executed different tools and environment to practice of the previous weeks
• Encouragement of parent and child interaction
• The program had great success

Designed and Taught a wellness program for adolescents
This was a successful 6 week wellness program for adolescent girls. This program focused on teaching
girls aged 13-17 about how to keep themselves well through nutrition, mindfulness, and building selfconfidence.
Each week we focused on a different topic that gave the girls the opportunity to learn new
skills such as cooking, meditation, meal planning, and the importance of self-talk. Each week there
was content learned long with an activity to put their new skills into practice. The girls in the group
became well bonded and created an environment that allowed them to feel safe to open up and
discuss important concepts or feeling they were having allowing them to learn new tools to help them
work through it.
• Week 1 nutrition concepts
• Week 2 cooking and meal planning
• Week 3 exercise
• Week 4 meditation and stress management
• Week 5 anxiety and depression
• Week 6 confidence and self esteem

Holistic Health and wellness consulting- Jennifer Woolley RHN
I had a small holistic nutrition practice wherein clients were counselled on whole foods
nutrition, reading labels, allergy friendly diets, as well as stress management. I specialized in
children with ADHD and anxiety as well as women’s health. I offered consultations, meal
planning, and continuous support.
• Designed meal plans for client’s needs ( plant based, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy
free, whole food, elimination diets)
• One on one mindfulness coaching with children suffering with anxiety
• Worked with many families to support optimal health and wellbeing
• Taught clients how to read labels, took them on grocery shopping tours and provided many
informative handouts.

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