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Lee Cheng Wen


Cheng Wen is a Holistic Health Practitioner and a registered Bach Flower Practitioner. As a trainer at the International College of Holistic Health (ICHH) for ITEC Diet and Nutrition course, she is passionate about equipping her students with knowledge about holistic nutrition and sharing her food relationship journey with them.

Cheng Wen attained various qualifications in her holistic practices - Certificate in Holistic Nutrition & Consultation Skills, Certificate in ITEC Diet and Nutrition, and completed the Consultation Skills Enhancement course with ICHH.

Cheng Wen believes that by eating right using natural foods, the body can naturally heal, both physically and emotionally. Changing one’s diet using natural foods can reverse poor health conditions caused by nutrition deficiency and unhealthy eating habits

She is passionate about helping her clients regain their health through a holistic approach and supporting them in their emotional wellbeing.

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