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Upcoming Events

  • ITEC (VTCT) Level 3 Diet & Nutrition Course (UK) 2022 (English)
    21July 2022- 14 November 2022
    Online Course Preview
    This course will give you an understanding of how the body draws nutrients from food, how it uses nutrients to combat health deficiencies and identify dietary related health conditions. The course is accredited internationally by ITEC, UK and its qualification recognized by more than 50 country!
  • VTCT (ITEC) 国际饮食与营养辅助食疗师课程说明会 2022
    8 JUNE to 18 OCTOBER 2022
    时常从网上看到很多关于营养的资讯,但资讯太多且不知道哪个是正确,有些甚至看不明白内容。不同人有不同健康状况要如何精准使用营养与食疗改善健康?平日三餐准备或烹饪和饮食习惯是哪里出错了?疾病管理如何通过食疗来改善?如何变化与设计餐盘让饮食健康又美味?如何更专业给于顾客或家人朋友针对健康与饮食的建议? 全方位综合学习的国际饮食与营养课程说明会开始接受报名!入场免费,位子有限!
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