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Senior Lecturer 



Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Toronto 2019-2023

Bachelor of Psychology Laurentian University, Sudbury 2016-2019

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 2010-2012

Jennifer Woolley BA, ND student (hiatus), RHN, Senior Lecturer ICHH, mindfulness educator, family wellness coach(RHN means register holistic nutritionist)

Holistic Consultant on whole foods

nutrition, reading labels, allergy friendly diets, as well as stress management.

Specialized in children with ADHD and anxiety as well as women’s health. I offered consultations, meal planning, and continuous support.

• Designed meal plans for client’s needs ( plant based, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy

free, whole food, elimination diets)

• One on one mindfulness coaching with children suffering with anxiety

• Worked with many families to support optimal health and wellbeing

• Taught clients how to read labels, took them on grocery shopping tours and provided many informative handouts.

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In 2022, A total of 476 suicide cases in Singapore represents the highest incidence recorded over the past 20 years.2022年,新加坡自杀案件有476单成为过去20年来最高的发生率。
Start to Learn and understand how to help and support others with this meaningful new skills. 
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Agenda 议程
   • Our Mission

   • 我们的任务

   • Introduction of Mental Health Lecturer Mental Health              Awareness

   • 心理健康讲师介绍心理健康意识

   • What is VTCT ITEC UK ?

   •什么是VTCT ITEC UK?

   •What is Mental Health Level 1 & 2


   •Cost Fee & Funding NTUC UTAP Claimable, Skillsfuture 

     available for use


   •How to apply?


   •Q & A


Thinking about joining VTCT ITEC UK Mental Health Awareness Level 1 Awards & Level 2 Certificate? Here are some reasons why it's beneficial: 考虑加入VTCT ITEC英国心理健康认知一级奖和二级证书吗?以下是一些受益之处: Increased Awareness: Gain insights into mental health issues. 增加认知: 了解心理健康问题。 Skills Development: Develop essential support skills. 技能发展: 培养必要的支持技能。 Professional Qualification: Earn a recognized certification. 专业资格: 获得认可的证书。 Career Boost: Enhance your employability and career prospects. 职业提升: 提高就业能力和职业前景。 Personal Growth: Foster empathy and understanding. 个人成长: 培养同理心和理解力。 Contribution to Society: Be a positive force in mental health advocacy. 为社会做贡献: 在心理健康倡导方面发挥积极作用。 Networking: Connect with professionals in the field. 社交网络: 与该领域的专业人士建立联系。 Consider this step for personal and professional growth! 考虑这一步,实现个人和职业的成长

Mental Health Trial Class

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